Film Environment

Namibia - Africa's best location
A breath-taking gem- between the endless Namib and Kalahari, between the Atlantic Ocean, the desert and the Okavango Delta.


Names like stories, leaving lots of room for imagination:
Landscape of the Moon, Skeleton Coast, Bulls Party, Gods Playground...
The highest dunes, the deepest canyons - Sossusvlei and Fish River canyon.
Diamonds in the sand, ghost-towns of long forgotten times.
The heritage of German colonial times found in architecture and culture.
The Big Five and much, much more in the world-famous Etosha National Park
A peaceful multi-cultural nation from the Himba, the traditional cattle nomads, to the San of the Kalahari.


Namibia - the facts
- Official language is English - German is widely spoken
- a healthy, dry climate
- guaranteed 330 (!) days of sunshine
- excellent infrastructure and communication systems
- convenient inland flights, accommodation of European standard
- hygiene and first-class medical care
- direct flights Windhoek - Frankfurt/ Munich/ London


Namibia, an unbeatable price-performance ratio - Production costs lower than in Europe!

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