News & Events

  1. 3T Bind Drama Series
  2. Optimedia is in the pre-production phase of a much awaited locally produced drama series “The Ties That Bind” in conjunction with the Namibian Film Commision and the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation . Auditions were held in Swakopmund and in Windhoek. Close to 650 people turned up for the auditions between these two cities. Production is scheduled to start soon.

  3. Gecko Awarded to Best Documentary
  4. At the recently concluded advertising and media award in Windhoek, Optimedia’s documentary on the functions of Women and Child protection Units received the highest accolade. “A Stone Award “ for this UNICEF sponsored documentary.

    Director Nneka Femi- Kayode was very excited to hear the news. Being one of her favourite pieces directed on this rather sensitive issue of gender-based violence, she acclaimed her wish for the documentary to be equally a success in the field when it comes to educating women and children on this societal evil.

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